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TurboRider doing 230mph (368kph)
GPS Verified Real Speed

2004 Suzuki GSXR1000 Turbo 350 Horsepower


Police Chase

Porsche 911/996 GT3 (360HP) vs. Volvo V70 R (300HP) vs. Volkswagen Golf GTI (250HP)...

Police try to stop a porsche for speeding. When they try to stop him he leaves the motorway and while turning on the motorway he crashed. After the crash the pursuit continues. When he drives into a parking he change cars whit a VW Golf R32. The driver of the VW (The wife of the porsche driver) takes off in the Porsche. The police stays on a safe distance and follow the VW (Which now is driven by the Porsche driver). The police make a roadblock on the highway and arrest the man. Also his wife in the Porsche get caught. In the Porsche hard-drugs are found and a weapon under the seat where his 2yo child was sitting. His peanalty is unknown.

From Dutch TV: Wegmisbruikers!

Police Chase.

'Suzuki GSX' vs. 'Volkswagen Passat V6 FSI 3.2' (250HP | 0-100 in 9.6s | Top speed 246km/h).

Police wanna stop the Suzuki because breaking the speed-limit and making serveral Wheely's. He already lost his license before and also has a non-legal number-plate. He didn't have any insurance. Peanalty was a fine and he lost his drivers license (that he didnt have in the first place) and is not allow to drive any motor verhicle for many, many years. Police chase in Holland (The Netherlands | Europe)

From Dutch TV: Wegmisbruikers!

Click above for high-res gallery of the SL 63 AMG Edition IWC

Autoblog does a lot of posts on car-related timepieces, and that's thanks to Noah who has an affinity for the finer automotive-inspired paraphernalia in life. Unfortunately, he's not here right now, so I get to tell you about this new limited edition Mercedes-Benz SL 63 that's being produced in conjunction with Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen. Only 200 will be made, and each features the first application of a new white paint finish dubbed designo magno Kashmir. Though my desensitized retinas see plain old white where others see shades of Pearl and Egg Shell, there's no denying this brilliant veneer looks like a million bucks on the SL 63 AMG. Contrast that with the matte black finish of other components on the car's exterior, and you've got the world's most expensive Storm Trooper. Tobago Brown nappa leather will cradle your bum in the AMG sport seats while your feet fall on special black floormats that are one of about a dozen interior surfaces emblazoned with the AMG logo. The rest is pretty much standard SL 63 AMG fare, if you can call anything about this 525-hp convertible standard with a straight face.

Oh, yeah, the watchmaker tie-in: All 200 owners of the SL 63 AMG Edition IWC will also get a limited edition example of IWC's "Grosser Ingenieur" watch. Nothing can replace my Swatch, but I would definitely take the car.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG Edition IWC

[Original: Mercedes-Benz via Autoblog]

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