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Porsche 911 Turbo Vs Kawasaki ZX-10R - Street Racing!

Illegal street racing - by News Channel 8's Bob Wilson

Fifth Gear - Audi R8

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Tiff Needell tests the new Audi R8 in Las Vegas

A top speed run of 170 mph (275 km/h) in a Porsche Cayman S...

This is naturally indicated and in no way proven, although I'd estimate 200MPH based on 8000+ RPM at 6th gear. Car feels remarkably stable at this speed and vastly different to the previous generation 996 at same speed. Route is German autobahn, conditions good and traffic clear.

A big turbo replacing the "bi-turbo"
Car is about 800hp!
You're about to see: road stunts, track racing and drift, and at the end a max speed test... 340km/h

Ferrari's Street Racing

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BMW 330i races around the top gear track with no one driving it! Jeremy is terrified...:)