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Autobahn and Porsche Turbo

Autor: Mateusz | 1:14 AM | 0 komentarze »

The Autobahns are German highways. There is a traffic sign that means no speed limit! Germans have the best roads and the best cars.

Why do I think that German cars are the best?

Porsche Turbo's top speed is 310km/h (193mph). You won't see a girl driving that fast but if go to Germany, you'll see german women driving her station wagons on faster than 200Km/h (125M/h).
What about driving a 480hp brand-new all wheel drive Porsche Turbo?
...276km/h (172mph) is quite easy to reach.
This car is gorgeous, sexy and friendly.
Put your GSM card in the stereo system and send SMSs to your friends from the steering wheel (slow down first).

At 218km/h "cruising on a rainy day"... an Audi A4 passed easily. That's Germany!

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