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They aren't actually racing, it's rather a show- Fantastic video, really fast and expensive cars. There's also some police chase....

I wish to have one of those cars...;)

BMW E46 330d on Max Speed!

Autor: Mateusz | 6:02 AM | 0 komentarze »

"The result of a discussion, how fast a series E46 330d can go.
The car reached a speed of 256 (GPS )"

I've presented another vid with BMW 330d, because I love this car, it's amazing.Anyway, if you're bored watching 330d vids, just let me know.

Happy Easter!

They put their lifes at risk to show us this illegal street race.
I wonder how many times these guys did watch "The fast and the furious" movie...;)

Audi is faster as we've seen...

Other Autobahn (highway) users drive at around 220km/h=120mph. Just look how he's overtaking them!   It's unbelievable SPEED!

There are 2 skylines, but the second one, seems not to be as fast as, this one.

Take a look at the texts while watching, my favorite one is: "As we czech say- Line is not a wall" ;)

Second part: